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The mess at “We”​ Charity and lack of due diligence

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My comments are inspired in the light of the mess at the “WE” charity and potentially their other associated foundations or businesses that they may have or not. My comments are general about every Charity, “Not for Profit” or Organization that pretend to be “Not for Profit” when in fact profit Making is their Goal.  I am very sensitive to this issue because “BIZTEK” itself is “Not for Profit’ Organization to promote education, certification, mentoring, thought leadership, Code of Ethics and integrity, and much more in both Business and Technology.  We are all volunteers. There are other Organizations who are in the business of profit-making but putting different labels on their activities.

The role of the Government, their lack of due diligence, “potential conflict of Interest” and lack of “oversight” in “WE” are under examination for the public to see.  However, the same is also true about the corporate world.  What I am hearing is that many people were aware of what was going on in “WE”, both in the Government and the corporate world. Why was nothing done? Why?

When the “WE” Board resigned, why did the Government or the Corporate World who were funding “WE” not reach out to these folks and ask them about why they had resigned? If the people involved had asked fundamental questions perhaps the outcome would have been different and maybe things could have been corrected. The fact that the Government was handing out almost a billion dollars and potentially more as “sole source” and without any due diligence or proper oversight must be deemed alarming. That is true of the corporate world who are now breaking the relationships with “WE” Charity because it is embarrassing to be associated with them. Where were their Internal Audit and Risk Management departments or did they believe that the corporations were getting tax breaks and therefore it did not matter in making these donations?   How do the optics look now?

What happened to “segregation of Roles and Responsibilities” and oversight? Is someone going to tell me that their Risk Management or Internal Audit thought this was all a good idea? At a minimum, there is a significant amount of incompetence involved, especially at a time when we cannot afford to lose the confidence and trust of all Canadians.

The very sad part is that legitimate Charities who do a lot of good work will suffer and not because of their own failings but because of the incompetence of the people in the Government and the corporate world, who were involved with this program or these types of programs.

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